Choi Lee Fut

Kung Fu is excellent exercise that promotes strength, balance, agility, health and self confidence.

Choi Lee Fut is one of many Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) and is very effective for tournament fighting, as well as self defense. The system utilizes natural movements that enable the practitioner to block, strike and rapidly traverse distance. Because it's based on natural human movement, Choi Lee Fut is a very good system for the beginner, as well as the seasoned martial artist.

What We Teach

The student will learn a fundamental movement set called Gei Boon Kuen which introduces the basics of the Choi Lee Fut system. Hand movements including blocks and strikes, foot movements including stances, stepping and limited kicks will be covered. The movements will be discussed in detail with emphasis on proper form as well as fighting applications. Students will learn numerous defense strategies and applications that are contained within the Gei Boon Kuen set.