Kajukenbo Self Defense Classes


An ecclectic and adaptive art

From it's beginnings, Kajukenbo was an ecclectic and adaptive art. As time has passed, Kajukenbo has continued to change and evolve. Currently, there are a few distinct, "recognized" branches of Kajukenbo: Kenpo ("Emperado Method" or "Traditional Hard Style"), Tum Pai, Chu'an Fa, Wun Hop Kuen Do, and Gaylord Method. In addition, there are numerous "unrecognized" branches, including CHA-3 and Kenkabo. While this may be confusing for an outsider, it is the essence of the art. Students are not required to mimic the teacher, but are encouraged to develop their own "expression" of the art.


An emphasis on realism and preparedness

Our adult classes focus on real world self-defense applications and are taught from a technique-based system, which emphasizes body mechanics and efficiency. Each individual learns to utilize their own strengths and the techniques mold to fit the individual. When one becomes proficient, they will have developed a personalized strategy of self-defense and awareness.



Brutal, overkill, effective. A no-nonsense approach to self defense and training that is realistic, regimented and rigorous all contribute to Kajukenbo 's rapid growth and reputation as a highly effective self defense system.

At The Yama-Kan School we are committed to carrying on the long-standing traditions handed down from the Masters in an environment that exemplifies their spirit and tenacity.

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