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Sigung Tony Morel

Master Instructor Tony Morel - "Coach" Morel

Tony Morel has been an active participant in Martial Arts for over twenty-eight years. Starting in Brazil at the age of thirteen, he studied Shotokan Karate and Goju-Ryu Karate under the direction of a traditional Japanese Master. Mr. Morel achieved the rank of a brown belt before moving to the United States. After exploring several different martial arts styles and schools Mr. Morel settled upon the Kajukenbo Self Defense System to continue his study. He has become an accomplished martial artist and recently attained the rank of Certified Seventh Degree Black Belt Instructor. Mr. Morel has competed throughout Texas and twice has been the State Champion.

In 1997 Mr. Morel started his own Kajukenbo School. He has male and female students, which range in age from five to over sixty. Mr. Morel is quite adept in understanding both the abilities and limitations of his students. Although most of the teaching is in a group setting, Mr. Morel tailors his teaching to the individual’s needs and abilities. Women and girls have found Mr. Morel’s classes to be a safe and affirming environment. This dedication to excellence in instruction has created an atmosphere where all students succeed. Coupling the tailored instruction with the tremendous variety of the Kajukenbo style Mr. Morel’s students can truly practice the martial arts. This fact is greatly evident in that Mr. Morel’s students have always placed in the top categories of competitions.

Mr. Morel has put on and sponsored seminars for both the Martial Arts community and the public. These seminars have featured world-renowned artists in Kajukenbo as well as other styles. Instruction has included effectual self-defense for smaller individuals (woman and smaller men), advanced martial arts techniques, and gun and knife self defense.

Mr. Morel is actively sought as a judge at all Martial Arts competitions in Texas. He has been a bodyguard for Meg Ryan, Willie Nelson, and Denzel Washington and in charge of backstage security for many entertainers such as Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, Eric Clapton, The Nevel Brothers, and Yes at entertainment sites such as The Back Yard. He also holds a certificate of Professional Recognition from the IDEA Health and Fitness Source.

Master Morel was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2010 for his dedication to Martial Arts with honor, loyalty, and integrity and for having met all of the requirements for admission. In addition to being inducted into this prestigious organization, Master Morel was also named Master Instructor of the Year.

Mr. Morel continues his pursuit of the Martial Arts by actively studying under world champion Grand Master Dann Baker, Grand Master Jay Vera, Grand Master Mike Fillmore (Jeon Sa Mu Sul) and Professor Ronny Lis in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Sensei Robin Tidwel (Judo) and Guro Bill Aranda ( Kali).


  • 7th Degree Black Belt Kajukenbo Master Instructor/Adriano Emperado System
  • 7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor Kajukenbo/ Wun Hop Kew Do International Association
  • Certified USA Boxing Coach
  • Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and now training with Professor Ronny Lis. Previously studied with Mario Queiroga (Esfirra) Brasa Team Austin-Texas and Master Helio Soneca.
  • Brown Belt under Sensei Robin Tidwel (Judo)
  • Brown Belt Shotokan Karate Do. Sensei Higashino from Japan
  • Brown Belt Goju-Ryu Karate Do Sensei Murata from Japan
  • KBC Instructor Level 1
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2007
  • USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2010
  • Two-time State Champion
  • Austin ISD Certified Coach
  • Founder of YKS in 1997


Sibak Sean Juarez

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Sibak Aaron Dillon

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Sensei Robin Tidwell

Sensei Robin Tidwell / Judo

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Off Campus Physical Education

The Yama-Kan School and Sigung Morel are proud to be approved providers in Austin Independent School District's Off Campus Physical Education Program

The purpose of the OCPE Program is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop higher-level skills in a specific activity that exceed what the school district can offer through the general physical education program. The OCPE Program allows students in 7th through 12th grades to earn credits that meet the district and state physical education requirements. Students will be expected to be physically educated, along with being physically active. They will be expected to show accountability of skill development, learned physical activity and health concepts and social development through participation in their selected physical activity and written and tested assignments that are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Physical Education.

For more information contact us: p: (512) 680-1387 tony@AustinTexasMartialArts.com